Thursday, 14 February 2013

All Hell Let Loose 2

The following pictures have already been shown on Analogue Hobbies as part of the 3rd Annual Painting competition being held on that blog at present. The two 15mm Sturmtigers are from Battlefront    and are a part of a larger project that is ongoing at present.

The camouflage is made up be layering washes of the green and brown over the base coat. The whole model is then dry brushed with lighter shades of the base colour to achieve the finished results seen here.

There are no markings on these two assault guns as the decals are missing in action and if ever found will be added on.

Good miniatures to assemble and paint and they look the part on the games table when the correct scenery is around them.

More from the painting table shortly.

Cheers for now.

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