Monday, 28 January 2013

Back to the Brushes 44

Made a good start on the next point's worth for the Viking SAGA warband. The figures are as usual from Gripping Beast's range of Vikings and will be individually based for SAGA and sabot based for Impetus. The central figure is from Gripping Beasts Rus range for that bit of variety and character.

The figures below are so very near to completion that they could just as easily have only been undercoated. The top picture is of a points worth of Hirdmen for SAGA and below them the first of the Ninja for Songs of Blades and Heroes. 

Its worth noting that the Hirdmen and Ninja shown here had been started prior to the painting competition at Analogue Hobbies starting, so will not be included in any entries for Curt's competition.

Both of these groups of figures will be finished in the next couple of nights allowing some major effort to be spent on entries for the competition.

Cheers for now


Ian said...

Interesting mix and shame you can't enter them. I have a few figures in the same boat but that's how it goes LOL


roma912 said...

Aye, such is life...