Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Back to the Brushes 33

At last the second stand of Huns are nearly completed and are now waiting on the base being textured, inked, dry brushed and flocked. These figures seem to have taken an age and will hopefully be completed by this weekend. Here are some pictures of the base before the above list takes place:

The idea with basing of these figures is to show the continual movement of the horse archers in action and this will hopefully be apparent when pictured next to the other stand.

The figures are from Griping Beast's range of Huns and will be used as both allies and foes for the Late Romans.

Hopefully there will be more work in progress pictures later this week of the next stand and the finished pictures of the above Huns.

Lastly, a warm welcome to:
  • PyschosisPC
Hopefully, you will find something of interest and use in these pages.

Cheers for now.


BigRedBat said...

Lovely painting!

Last year, I had some similar fun with Huns, might be worth a look. Like you, I felt that they need to be riding across the front of the enemy, not shooting their mate in the shoulder, as one sees so often!


Cheers, Simon

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Those are looking just great! Really like the movement on the figures.


Jonathan said...

Great looking figures. Horses are always difficult and yours look great. I'm looking forward to visiting often.

~ Jonathan