Monday, 27 August 2012

The Gathering - An Impetus Tournament

Yesterday saw Dunfermline Wargames Club's first venture in organising and hosting a one day Impetus event in 28mm. A variety of gamers from several local clubs gathered and prepare for what was hoped to be a relaxed and fun day's gaming,  The players included:

David Burns - New Kingdom Egyptians
Russ Gibb - Carthaginians
Frazer Watson - Sui Dynasty Chinese
Richard Aiken - British and Welsh Kingdoms
Dax Robertson - Lombards (584AD)
Mike Dodds - Vikings - Norwegian & Danish
Dave Knight - El Cid
Richard Coates - Maximilian Imperialists

For some this was their first experiences of Impetus over Basic Impetus. Due to the numbers and range of armies, the first game was based on the close historical matches with the subsequent two games being based on the SWISS system where the highest scores of the first game play each other in the next round and so on until all players are matched.

Here are some pictures of the day's action throughout the three rounds that were played:

Beautifully painted figures of the Sui Chinese

Even the ghostly hand couldn't save the Vikings on this day

Opportunity trap sprung!

It got bloody in this one with both sides routing

What to do next?

Getting in there before the shield wall was raised

More fantastically painted Sui Chinese

As with all tournaments and games there has to be winners and losers and The Gathering was no different with some very hard fought games occurring throughout the day. Here are the matches for each round with the final scores for all players shown at the end.

Round One

New Kingdom Egyptians (46) vs Carthaginians (39)
Sui Chinese (92) vs British & Welsh Kingdoms (38)
Lombards (130) vs Norwegian Vikings (0)
El Cid (40) vs Maximilian Imperialists (20)

Round Two

Sui Chinese (29) vs Lombards (101)
El Cid (29) vs New Kingdom Egyptians (29)
Carthaginians (64) vs British & Welsh Kingdoms - (52)
Maximilian Imperialists (70) vs Norwegian Vikings (70) both sides routed

Round Three

Carthaginians (0) vs Lombards (130)
Sui Chinese (130) vs Maximilian Imperialists (0)
El Cid ( 117) vs Norwegian Vikings (13)
New Kingdom Egyptians (64) vs British & Welsh Kingdoms (67)

Finals Scores

Dax Robertson - 361
Frazer Watson - 251
Dave Knight - 186
Richard Aiken - 157
David Burns - 139
Russ Gibb - 103
Richard Coates - 90
Mike Dodds - 83

Hopefully enjoyed the day and the games as much as I did even though I wasn't playing. Looking forward to organising and playing in next year's Gathering.

Cheers for now


Anonymous said...

Hi Ross, thanks from all of us at FDWC for running a cracking event. Certainly put me down for next year (and a home made steak pie this time....)
A really good, relaxing and pleasant day put on by the Dunfermline club.

Ian said...

That looks lije a great time was had by all


Tarty said...

Great stuff, some nice looking armies in that little lot.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Some real nice looking armies on display!


Brent said...

Thanks for posting. I like the way you organized the rounds, I think enough of it to copy it!

Legion Games said...

Thanks for the comments, it was a good day and there wasn't too much grumbling afterwards on uber armies and the luck of the dice...