Monday, 30 April 2012

Imperium Sine Fine 2

Here are the first few stands of the Foederati allies for the Late Romans. These figures were originally painted as part of the WAB army that all the Late Romans came from but have recently been rebased for Impetus.  

The cavalry are all Gripping Beast figures and all the shields except the oval shield are hand painted. The oval shield has a VVV transfer on it that has been over painted for tone.

These figures are all on the older style of Gripping Beast horses that thankfully have been remodelled. Unfortunately, however, for this base and another three to follow they will all be appearing on the older horses as there are no plans to re-do these at any point in the future.

A mixed stand comprising of t Gripping Beast, Foundry and an old Citadel figure on the far left. Again a mixture of hand painted and Little Big Men transfers have been used on the shields of this unit.

A close up of the Citadel figure with the bird of prey and supported to his rear by a Foundry Frank with the red patterned shield.

The most recent addition to this part of the army being some newly painted skirmishers as seen above and below. Figures again from Gripping Beast.

The skirmishers on their own showing both figure individually.

That is all for now, but there will be more Late Romans in the near future.



Caliban said...

Most excellent, the mixture of manufacturers and shields gives these guys a nice raggedy veteran look. I wouldn't worry about the horses - they'll look fine as part of a full army on the tabletop.

Keep 'em coming!

Ray Rousell said...

Some really nice looking figures!!!

saxon dog said...

I would love to see these in the flesh. Great work and output!

Ian said...

Looks good and the mix really works well. Makes me almost want to do 28's Griping Beast are stunning though


kingsleypark said...

I like these a lot!

Legion Games said...

Thanks for all your comments gents, they are much appreciated.