Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The First Scottish Impetus Open 2012

Last Sunday (22nd) saw the first of four planned open Impetus Competitions in Scotland, this one being hosted by Falkirk and District Wargames Club. A great day's gaming was had by all and given that the wooden spoon didn't come home to rest here, even better for myself. 

The three games played are listed below along side the results:

Game One: British & Welsh Kingdoms - Draw
Game Two: Parthians - Loss
Game Three: Anglo-Danish - Loss

The best result for yours truly was against the British & Welsh Kingdoms which was the most even of the games. The biggest surprise came from watching four large shield wall units of Anglo-Danes double move as mounted troops and then charge; not what was expected at all. The game in which the most was learnt was against the Parthians, from which a few pictures are shown below:

The main battle line

Cavalry action on the left flank
Overall, a great day's gaming in a relaxed atmosphere with good mix of opponents. As for results, well one off the bottom rung is an improvement since last time, but overall a poor day for the Late Romans:

1 Dax Robertson (Five Dynasties Chinese) 372 
2 David Burns (New Kingdom Egyption) 280 
3 Frazer Watson (British & Welsh Kingdoms) 205 
4 Kevan Gunn (Carthrginian) 175 
5 David Knight (Parthian) 171 
6 David Paterson (Viking) 169 
7 Richard Coates (Sicilian Norman) 132 
8 Doug Tompson (Syrian States) 110 
9 Ross Manning (Patrician Roman) 67 
10 Allan Ronald (Patrician Roman) 66 

There has been a fair amount of painting and basing of figures over the last week with pictures to follow shortly.

Cheers for now.

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Monty said...

Those armies look great and it sounds like a fun mashup!