Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Back to the Brushes 5

Just a few more pictures to show what little progress has been made on the first Chariot unit for the Trojan Impetus army. Despite the earlier misgivings on the white, nothing has changed on the driver and shield bearer. Hector and the chariot runner now have green tunics with white trimmings.

The white and green go well with each other and will work in well with the spear armed units to follow. Each large unit will have a binding colour, in this case the green trimmings, allowing for differences in tunic colours to create a sense of unity without resorting to a uniform approach. This will allow for whites, buffs and cream colours to be used without too much diversity in the figures on the  final base.

The figure of eight shields really cover the majority of the figure as can be seen in the above pictures both with and without. Don't fancy running with one of those for too long.

These four figures are now very near completion as a bit more work was done this afternoon, so its nearly time to start on the horses and the chariot proper. May opt to put a third chariot runner on the base but will decide that once the original figures are nearer completion.

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Willie Anderson said...

Looking good!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Like Willie said looking good!


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Curt said...

Your stuff looks great! Happy to have you aboard for the upcoming Painting Challenge.

Please drop me a note so I can get your information and we can chat.

curtcampbell at mac dot come



Hendrid said...

Looking good indeed.