Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Breaking the Widow's Wall 1

After reading this months Wargames Illustrated late night with its high contents of Dark Age articles, it was an easy choice this morning to pick up the paint brush and start yet again on the Vikings for Basic Impetus. This base will represent the infamous berserkers for this army and choosing the figures for the base was an interesting exercise. Rather than have a stand full of bare chested warriors gnashing their teeth and stamping their feet, a decision was made to create this by varying the figures, as the stand is represents upto 2,000 men. So a eye catching figure was selected as a centre piece for the stand with other various Viking types to back him up. Easier to let the a few pictures show how the stand is coming together:

Here is an individual picture of the centre piece and name sake for this entry:

The figures are all from Gripping Beast's Vikings, Varangian and Rus ranges and hopefully there will be more later this week.

The magazine also included an in depth battle report of Gripping Beast's SAGA Dark Ages skirmish rule set and whilst it is very tempting and has some very interesting mechanics at present it will be staying with Gripping Beast. 

Ironically, this is the last issue of the current subscription for Wargames Illustrated that will be coming this way. The magazine has not been inspiring lately and suffers from too much of a particular set of rules - understandable considering Battlefront own it. By not resubscribing each issue can be view before purchase and it possibly allows for a change by subscribing to Wargames, Strategy and Soldiers in the near future, but enough rambling there's painting to be done. 

Cheers for now.


tradgardmastare said...

Lovely figures Ross- can't wait to see the bases finished...

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice composition so far.