Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Back to the brushes

after a few weeks of no activity on either the painting desk or the blog here are few pictures of the almost completed Panzer Grenadiers for Disposable Heroes in 20mm. The figures are all from SHQ and are based on 20mm squares from Warbases - or other suitable sizes for 2 man elements and support weapons. Basing from Impetus has come in to good use here in trying to create a cohesive feel to the sections and the company as a whole as well as helping in the team bases.

HQ Section with attached Sniper
1st Squad
2nd Squad

Each squad has 2 MG34 teams which have been based in 2 differing ways to distinguish on the table as shown below:

The next few pictures show the company support elements:

The Buzzsaw
80mm Mortar
Panzerschreck Team
The final picture shows WIP on a 75mm IG and crew - where obviously the crew still have to see the working end of a brush.

There is still another 10 man section to paint and a few other support options; PAK 40, 120mm mortar and a second MG42 team to complete the company and support options. All being well this will be done and dusted by the end of the year. On that note, the Allied Spartan Phalanx and Macedonian Cavalry are next in line on the desk - all of which need a good dusting before any painting takes place.

Also a quick welcome to:

  • Remco de Groot

Hopefully there will be more posts in the next few weeks as the Spartans have been dragging on and there are many plans within plans to complete in the future.

Cheers for now

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