Sunday, 5 June 2011

The terrible business of the push of pike

Gathering a few images to help with the next units for a new Basic Impetus army - Early Macedonians for either Phillip's or Alexander's reigns.

P. Connolly 1975 The Roman Army

Alexander 2004 O. Stone

The actual painting hasn't started yet but the preparation is well under way with the figures selected, filed and under coated. Sources for colour reference and images being gathered as shown above. This is as important as the actual painting as it allows a theme to be started for the army. This develops a feel for the period being painted and the army being represented. Whilst not all the sources used will be considered authentic, they all help to gather a variety of interpretations of what the actual units may have looked like.

There will be a further update later this week with some more progress on the peltasts and Spartan cavalry.

Cheers for now

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