Sunday, 19 June 2011

Pro et contra

Mixed feelings today about a variety of things.

Firstly, welcome to the most recent new members, glad to have your support and hope that you find something of interest in this blog.

Secondly, past the ten thousand hits mark yesterday which is great! However, feeling slightly cheated due to the massively increased number of hits over the last week or so. Not sure what is causing this but ten thousand plus hits is ten thousand plus hits, so thanks for all your support over the last year. Hopefully, the blog will continue to grow and maintain your interest.

Thirdly, the venue that Legion Games meets in closed last Sunday as numbers of other visitors - British forces veterans  - have been dwindling to the point that it is no longer economic to open the Legion in the afternoon. As a club this present several problems, the foremost being finding another venue that meets our requirements and that isn't too expensive. There are several options for a new venue at present, so fingers crossed something will present itself.

An alternative is to use the facilities already in use by another club. Whilst this will allow the club to continue meet, the identity of the club will be gone as an independent entity. There are pros and cons to this and only time will tell.

On a more positive note, the peltasts are nearly finished and the first unit of Allied Hoplites are undercoated and taking shape. These figures are all from Gorgon Studios range of Spartan Ekdromoi and were selected to look like poorer troops in older equipment than the majority of the other Spartans in the army. A unit of cavalry for the Macedonians has been started as well. Pictures of all to follow shortly.

Thanks again for your support.

Cheers for now.

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tradgardmastare said...

Congrats on your hit number- well done...
Looking forward to seeeing the Greeks etc as they come on stream!
best wishes