Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Spartans on the hoof

Here are a few pictures of the first completed Spartan cavalry unit along with a screen of slingers. The cavalry have been painted as Spartiate with the classic red tunic. Not altogether sure if this is historically correct but from the artistic point of view it helps keep the army together and will help for identification on the gaming table as well; unfortunately for both sides though.

The base was completed without the planned water effect. The texturing was painted as rock to blend with the colouring of the base which hopefully it achieves.

The second unit of cavalry is well under way and will hopefully be completed over the next week or so. Anyway here are the pictures:

The next pictures are of a few pieces of ongoing work; first a mercenary peltast unit for the Spartans and second a frothing loon for the Viking berserkers. The Vikings are on the back burner at present but the intention is to paint the odd figure in amongst the Spartans to break things up a bit. This helps to keep things fresh and motivation high by chipping away at other projects at the same time.

That's all at present but will hopefully be back soon with some more on the second unit of cavalry, peltasts and some more information of what is coming up on the painting table for the remainder of 2011.

As always please feel free to add any comments.

Cheers for now


El Senyor Verd said...


I love the bases, there is no need of water effect.


Legion Games said...

Thanks for the compliment

MiniMike said...

Very nice unit and I also love the bases. Michael