Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Widow's Wall

Studies are taking up nearly all spare time at present, however you have to have lunch. The following pictures show the very slow progress being made on the Berserker base for the Vikings.

Rather than go for a large collection of bare topped frothing loons, the base comprises of figures with movement in varying degrees. The central figure from Gripping Beast’s Breaking the Widows Wall vignette is charging through the opposition shieldwall and everybody else is following his lead. Not necessarily that easy to see in black under coated figures but hopefully the germ of the idea is there.

The second set of pictures show the slow progress being made on the Royalist English Civil War army for Basic Baroque. That is the shot and pike bases completed bar painting the pikes on 2 bases. Don’t ask why they weren’t painted before being glued in place as no answer will be given, they just weren’t. A decision that will be regretted no doubt.

Lurking in the top right corner is a test figure currently being painted from Front Rank Miniatures; what the outcome of it will be remains to be seen... 

The Spartan cavalry are lurking there as well, with the ground work on the base slowly moving on.

The same unit from above, just because.

Well that is lunch over and the books beckon. Hopefully, there will be more for the next post but no promises.

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tradgardmastare said...

The ECW base is excellent and I cannot wait to see the shield biters finished...
All the best with the continuing study.