Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Moving forward, standing still.

At present nearly all spare time is being eaten up by studies, so not really much to add from the last post. A little brush work on another Viking and some more red for the Spartan cavalry.

That aside several good games of Basic Impetus at the club on Sunday, winning and losing as well. Yet another few things learnt about the game in the process of the afternoon's gaming.

A few packs of Redoubt swordsmen have been ordered to mix the infantry units of the planned Trojan/Mycenean armies up a bit. The surplus will also make go towards the swordsmen units for the full Impetus army if the project progresses that far.

A few trades should be completed soon which will see the completion of the Late Macedonian and Seleucid plans. Not really reducing the lead mountain, more changing it to something that will be painted. The remaining surplus will be going on eBay shortly.

Hopefully, there will be a bit more progress on both studies and painting in the next few weeks. More so the studying to be honest; as the deadline clock is ticking faintly in the background.

Cheers for now.

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tradgardmastare said...

Good luck with the studies but don't forget to timetable in some R&R too!
I am looking forward to seeing your troops on the tabletop especially the Myceneans /Trojans ...