Saturday, 8 January 2011

Plans for 2011

Well this should be fairly easy so starting at the beginning.

Finish the Spartans, which currently have 3 Allied Phalanx, 1 Peltast and 2 Cavalry bases to paint. That should be nice and easy. Both the Peltast and one cavalry unit are started, so going well there. Not setting any dates for the completion of this as its going to be a busy time with college work as well and that is really going to be the priority.

The original plan was to paint another hoplite army to face the Spartans based around the following description of the Battle of Mantinea from Thucydides:

Now their left wing consisted of the Sciritae, which amongst the Lacedaemonians have ever alone that place. Next to these were placed the Brasideian soldiers lately come out of Thrace, and with them those that had been newly made free. After them in order the rest of the Lacedaemonians, band after band; and by them Arcadians, first the Heraeans, after these the Maenalians. In the right wing were the Tegeats, and a few Lacedaemonians in the point of the same wing. And upon the outside of either wing, the horsemen. So stood the Lacedaemonians. Opposite to them, in the right wing, stood the Mantineans, because it was upon their own territory; and with them such Arcadians as were of their league. Then the thousand chosen Argives, which the city had for a long time caused to be trained for the wars at the public charge, and next to them the rest of the Argives. After these, the Cleonaeans and Orneates, their confederates. And lastly, the Athenians, with the horsemen (which were also theirs) had the left wing.

This is still the plan but it is looking likely that this particular army will be pushed back in the painting schedule and the reason for this is mainly down to Macedonians.

Currently working out the figures required for both an Early Macedonian army and a Late Macedonian army. The figures will come from the lead mountain as there is a 2,000 point WAB army gathering dust in there unpainted. Pages for both armies will be put up in the near future to plot their progress in a similar fashion to that of the Spartans.

Most of the figures will come from the planned WAB army but a few packs from the Polemarch range by Gripping Beast may well make their way here.

These armies will offer some interesting challenges for both painting and on the gaming table; with the colourful appearance of Macedonia troops in certain references and the composition of the army changing greatly between the two periods. It will also offer some interesting opponents including Republican Romans, Persians, Hoplites and the Spartans and allies for the Battle of Megalopolis in 331BC.

If time allows some more work on the Vikings will be done as there are about 2 bases half painted here and there. Oh and if at all possible some time spent painting the FoW Germans as this seems to have taken off at the club lately.

So nothing much really for the painting and gaming tables in 2011.

Cheers for now.


Paul´s Bods said...

Your plans sound good..I look forward to the realisation of them :-)

tradgardmastare said...

Some interesting plans afoot...
Hope the Club goes well pm today...

It would be good to think I could field an impetus army this 2011- better add that to my plans...

best wishes