Monday, 25 October 2010

Another day down...

No progress to update on any of the projects that are currently ongoing. Infact there has been very little activity here at all, so much so that the painting desk will a require a good dusting before any work can start.

The re-reading of the Elric saga has been entertaining and might led to the purchase of a few character figures as below:

The miniatures from Hasslefree Figures do have a certain Melnibonean appeal, but may be just to heavy set but it is hard to tell without seeing the figures in the flesh. If the figures do appear on the door step as if by magic then it will really be a single figure project as entertaining as a Melnibonean army for Impetus Fantasy would be.

Hopefully the motivation and time to paint will return this week. Strange how one mishap with some varnish can really put your enthuisiam for a project down.



tradgardmastare said...

Did you decide to buy the figures after all...

Legion Games said...


As yet no, but I am still thinking on it.