Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Time flies by...

...when you're having fun or so the saying goes and for that matter so does September, can't believe the date already.

Not much has been happening here and with college looming next week time is going to become evermore sparse for painting and gaming. That said a release is always needed and what better way than immersing oneself in painting the past glories of the Spartans and gaming in general.

The 5th Phalanx is waiting on the base being finished and the 6th Phalanx has the flesh blocked in; so still moving forward towards the finished army.

The plans for the base camp for the Spartans have been finalised with the purchase of a Dokana as a focal point for the camp. The figures are all prepped for painting, but will have to wait until the main army is completed.

Hopefully there will be some pictures of both units and various work in progress posted shortly.

Cheers for now

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