Monday, 6 September 2010

The North Face of the Lead Mountain

With the best intentions in the world the summit of the lead mountain has been capped at  its present level. Hopefully, with the completion of the Spartans and the projected work on the other Impetus armies and Flames of War companies a small dent will be made in the mountain over the next few months. That and a Masters dissertation to boot, no problem there really...

The Allied Phalanxes have been selected from the lead mountain, and will also be from the World of Greeks range by Foundry. The decision was based on availability of the figures, in that they had already been purchased several years ago and that they'll also double up as standard hoplites for Basic Impetus games against the Spartans - which is looking likely to be Magna Graecia or Theban. Sort of killing two birds with one stone here by doing this.

Work on the 5th phalanx draws to an end with the weapons and shields to complete before basing the unit.  Unfortunately, the basic army won't be finished for this weekend though as life and work have taken over again. That said the overall plan for the army is moving along relatively well and should be finished for the set date. A date, that hasn't been set - so based off 10 figures per 3 weeks at present and 47 figures to paint, making 15 weeks from now. That makes the date for completion December 20th, not that there isn't much else going on outside of painting and gaming. Well, can but try and the date hopefully will make this that bit easier.

Hopefully get some more pics up at the weekend.

Cheers for now

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