Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Mishap Varnishing

Well, it is looking like the 5th Phalanx will be making their way back to the painting table. The matt varnish has bloomed - which is a first, well so far in 25 years of painting miniatures anyway.

Some parts of the figures will be okay, but the bronze helmets, shield rims and dark hair is now mottled white - not the effect that was desired for these miniatures. The sod of it all is that the figures are all based on their gaming base so will require a fair bit of work to remove so they can be repainted. The shields will be alright with a slight retouch here and there. Which is good as they have LBM transfers on them for the mora which this phalanx is depicting.

Hopefully, it won't need to go as far as nitromors. Fingers crossed anyway. Obviously, there'll be no pics to show of the 5th Phalanx unless its of the repaint as it happens.

Can anybody recommend a good matt varnish?

Cheers for now.


Bishop Lord said...

I had the same problem with Army painter Matt Varnish,still looking for a replacement too.

Legion Games said...
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Legion Games said...

Thanks for letting me know. They were next in line for trying out how good they were. Maybe Testors with a Gloss base before hand?