Tuesday, 28 September 2010

It's not that bad.

Well, all things consider the mishap with the varnish isn't the end of the world. Felt like it at the time though. The figures have been removed from their base and the offending areas lightly undercoated in black. This enables the figures to be repainted to match the existing colours, which shouldn't be that hard as a limited pallette has been used throughout the paint of this army.

The pallette includes the following:

  • Foundry Mediterranean Flesh A, B & C shades
  • Foundry Canvas A, B & C shades
  • Foundry Bright Red A, B & C shades with a GW Foundation paint Mechrite base coat
  • Foundry Bronze Barrel A, B shades only
  • Vallejo Bronze and Old Gold
  • GW Chainmail 
There are a few other colours used for belts, scabbards, sandals etc but these have varied from phalanx to phalanx as necessary.

The figures will be painted at the same time as the final Spartan Phalanx for this army and hopefully will be  complete by the next club meeting in October.

Anyway here are a few pics of the walking wounded with their black undercoated 'bandages' on:

That's all for now.


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