Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Back on track

It is strange how being back at work for a few days can motivate one to start painting again. Whilst on holiday the motivation wasn't there, but the time was and now that the opposite applies; everything is reversed. Can't explain it, it's just how it is.

So the long delayed 4th phalanx are now completed and fully based. What did people do before miniNatur Silfor was around. Certainly no looking back now that it be used on a few of the bases, the others will be updated in time.

The first stand of skirmishers with javelins has been based and is just awaiting inking and dry brushing prior to varnishing.

Work on the 5th phalanx is slow, with the base colour of flesh painted and not much else done. The same is true of the second base of javelin skirmishers.

All being well the Basic Impetus army will be completed for the next club meeting on September 12th, well that's the plan anyway. Still no sign of the cavalry due to a delayed re-stock from Foundry, so no real problem there apart from the obvious.

Pictures of the above to follow at the weekend.


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