Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Brushes and Bases

The Spartans are now drying after having their base textured. This is a simple case of applying a liberal coating of PVA and then dusting with dried builders sand. I find this gives a more uneven texture than some gaming sands and to be honest tends to be more economical in the long run. Its then a case of a light wash of FW Red Earth ink and once fully dry, dry-brushing the base colour up to a light sand colour using a variety of different shades as the mood takes.

The base is drying whilst tacked to a block of 4" x 4" to prevent warping. This hasn't happened often with infantry bases but can do so with light cavalry bases, as they have less lead on them.  This is going to happen when you apply liquid to 1 side of an MDF board over a certain size. So as  preventive I have started using the block to help keep the base flat whilst drying.

I get my bases from Warbases and can't complain at all regarding the quality and service provided. As they are local to me postage is seldom an issue to me as I collect. Have a look at their website in the links section.

With regards to brushes I mostly use Pro Arte Connoisseur and Renaissance Sable brushes in sizes from 4 down to 0000. These hold their shape well and I find are well suited miniature painting. I have a few older brushes from the Evil empire, but these are generally only used for large washes and under-coating as they are past their best. Oh, they are also good for applying liberal coats of PVA to bases.

Well thats all for now, hopefully get those pics up at the weekend once the base is finished.

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