Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A beginning is a very delicate time.

To try and encourage me to continue to paint units for the following armies I have created this blog:




Crusaders - Hospitaliers

All of the armies are in 28mm scale and are for the game Impetus, primarily for the Basic Game but possibly for the full game as well.

Each army roughly consists of 10 bases, although the Spartan army has only 7 bases. This is one of the reasons I enjoy Basic Impetus, the painting of a new army does not fill me completely with dread. The base approach enables me to swap between forces easily and still progress. This keeps the painting fresh and hopefully will enable me to keep moving forward with each army base by base.

At present there is a fair bit of noise and banging going on as our boiler is being replaced so doubtful I'll get much done today. I will however, put details of each army on the blog over the next few days.


Álvaro said...

Hello, I am from Spain and I have also now begun to "Impetus". I'll make an Early Imperial Roman, although I have no lists of "Extra Impetus 2" yet. Can I put a link to your blog on mine? www.bajoelaguila.blogspot.com (Under the Eagle). Greetings from Spain.iter

Legion Games said...

Sorry for the late response to your comment Alvaro. Of course you can put a link to my blog on your blog. I will do likewise.