Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Spartan Army Composition

The Spartan army for Basic Impetus consists of the following units:

1 x Heavy Foot with General
5 x Heavy Foot
1 x Skirmishers either bow, javelin or sling armed

I have already started this army and have painted the General's stand, 1 stand of hoplites and a stand of bow armed skirmishers.

I am using Foundry figures for this army, mostly from their World of Greeks range. I bought these years ago with a view to painting a Spartan WAB army, but just never felt right about Hoplites in WAB. The archers are also Foundry figures but from their older Greeks range.

From what I know about Impetus, Hoplite warfare is going to work better and be more balanced. I'll just have to remember and watch those flanks.

Anyway, here's some pictures of the painted bases so far.

Sorry, not the best pictures in the world, but this is all a learning curve for me.

A third unit of Hoplites is on the painting table and I should be back to them after finishing the first base of Huns this week, hopefully.

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