Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Huns

Well, after a slight delay that's the first base of Huns varnished. They'll hopefully get their first outing tomorrow afternoon at the club in a Patrician Roman army. Pictures and flocking still to follow.

I have also been working on some 20mm scenery from Hovels over the last few days for use in Disposable Heroes and other skirmish games in WW2. This has been taking up space for some time now and has been an enjoyable change - I don't generally do dry-brushing but its perfect for these items.

I'll get back on to the third base of Spartans now and hopefully get these ready for the next few weeks. They are already undercoated black and five have had the flesh blocked in. I am trying out one of the new Foundry Flesh tones on this base - Mediterranean Flesh. I initially thought it a bit orange but it seems okay once all three layers are down.

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