Friday, 29 August 2014

Fury of the North 11

Over the last few nights the following Hirdmen have been completed for SAGA. The figures are all from Gripping Beast and this is the fifth point in a six point warband. Hope that you like the pictures.

Three of the shields have Little Big Men transfers on and one is hand painted. The matching helm is a give away for the hand painted shield.

The last figure shown below will also be a banner man for the warband as well as a group figure in the bondi group currently being painted.

The figure is again from Gripping Beast and the banner and shield images are both from Little Big Men.

All of the figures shown will be sabot based for use in Impetus as well.

You may have noticed that each picture now has the name of this blog in the top left corner. This is something that has been pondered over for sometime and has finally been done due to sharing of pictures on The Miniatures Page. At least now the name will be shared too.

Will be back soon with some more work in progress pictures.

Cheers for now


Dalauppror said...

Looking very good indeed !!!

Monty Luhmann said...

Fabulous! Your attention to the smallest details makes this set shine!

roma912 said...

Thanks Dalauppror. Cheers, Ross

roma912 said...

High praise indeed! Thanks Monty. Cheers, Ross

DeanM said...

They look greatQ

Ian said...

These are great, the hand painted shield fits right in with the decals