Thursday, 28 August 2014

Back to the Brushes 91

Some figures just seem to be on the painting table for ages with nothing happening to them. The following ten Moorish Spearmen are in this bill.

Very little has changed with these over this month, however, this is about to change. The robes are now completed and only the head-dresses, sashes, footware and weapons still are still to be painted. A good painting session this evening should see these all well on their way to completion; making way for another batch of ten Moorish spearmen.

There will be some more pictures to follow shortly with a bit more variety to boot.

Cheers for now.


DeanM said...

Looking good; the muted robes and black hoods make a nice contrast.

roma912 said...

Thanks Dean. Hopefully, when these spearmen are placed alongside the Black Guard the black hoods will tie in nicely. Time will tell on this.

Cheers, Ross

Phil said...

Good job, love the brown variations...

Ian said...

It's hard when they sit on the table. Going for another 10 straight after them may be a bit tough, looking good though


roma912 said...

Thanks Phil. Trying to have a varied if muted colour to the finished stands.

Cheers, Ross

roma912 said...

Grasping the nettles here Ian. Looking to have four stands of foot ready as soon as possible.
I will sneak a bit of variety in between them as I paint.

Cheers, Ross