Thursday, 16 January 2014

Back to the Brushes 82

Well, things have been a bit hectic here over the last ten days and are likely to get more so over the next few weeks. There is a restructure going on at work and everything is starting to become very real. that includes the prospect of significant changes to my job, working patterns and potentially location and place of work. Sadly, this has effected hobby time but it is hoped that this will swing round over the next few days.

Now for something a little more interesting. Pictured below are the last of the second batch of Citadel Orcs. These are now fully painted and waiting on their bases being completed and as the long awaited tufted have finally arrived can be completed this weekend.

Below is one of three Artizan Design figures being painted for a Pulp Hero game at some point this year. Great figures that are full of character.

The first of six stands of Mycenaeans being painted at present; these are javelin armed light infantry and are moving along slowly. Then again everything is at present.

Hope to have the first entry read for the Analogue Painting Challenge this weekend so keep visiting back to see the finished items.

Cheers for now


tradgardmastare said...

Great figures begun .
Hope things work out well for you at work.

DeanM said...

Nice work on these - looking forward especially to the Mycenaeans. Best, Dean