Sunday, 29 December 2013

Back to the Brushes 81

Progress has been slow over the last week with Christmas and all it brings. Hopefully the next few days will allow a bit more painting to be done on a variety of different elements for the Analogue Challenge.

The first set of Orcs are now painted but waiting on scenic tufts to arrive in the post to finish the basing.

Have started painting the flesh on to a number of the Trojans and Mycenaeans in bulk to have a large number of these figures sitting ready to go. This is being done in  four stages:

  • Block coat of Tallarn Flesh
  • Base coat of Foundry Mediterranean Flesh A
  • Mid Tone of Foundry Mediterranean Flesh B
  • Highlight of Foundry Mediterranean Flesh C
The extra layer of Tallarn Flesh is speeding up the process in that it is reducing the need to touch up the base coat of the Mediterranean flesh. Here are a few pictures of the work in progress at present from stages one to three above:

Tallarn Flesh Block coat
Foundry Mediterranean Flesh A Base Coat
Foundry Mediterranean Flesh B Mid Tone
There will be more to follow shortly as the next batch of Orcs are on the table and the Banditos are started for Dead Mans Hand.

Cheers for now.


Andrew Saunders said...

nice to see the way you have approached the flesh looks very good

roma912 said...

Thanks Andrew, this approach does seem to working well.

Cheers, Ross

Phil said...

Great work with the flesh colors...