Saturday, 21 December 2013

Back to the Brushes 80

So far for week one so good. Should make the target of seven fully painted Orcs for Monday coming. Here are some work in progress pictures taken earlier today.

Once again the natural lighting wasn't that great and never improved through the day. Might have something with it being the shortest day today...

The figure below will be the entry figure for Curt. The final colour scheme has still to be decided on. Having never seen the Wild Bunch its making the choice of colours that bit harder. There could be some time spent on YouTube over the next day or so to get some ideas.

Cheers for now


Andrew Saunders said...

A good bit of progress being made here

Baconfat said...

Did you finish as planned?

roma912 said...

Unfortunately I am now a bit behind. The figures are finished but I am waiting on scenic tuffs arriving so there will be a slight delay in the first entry to the Analogue Painting Challenge. Still painting away in the background but there hasn't been a lot of free time the last couple of days.

Cheers, Ross