Saturday, 23 November 2013

Back to the Brushes 76

The preparation work for the Annual Analogue Painting Competition is well under way with the following figures selected and under coated:

  • Banditos
  • Trojans - spearmen, swordsmen and light infantry

The remaining figures are in various states of being cleaned, added to painting bases, waiting on undercoating and the like. A few pictures below show the troops massing for the off. This includes a few character figures for the Trojans and Mycenaeans but more of that later.

The recently stripped and rebased pre-slotta - except a few - citadel Orcs wait below to change into their black under coat.

I was happier Green!
More work in progress pictures to follow shortly with Sassanids, Orcs, Claymore Castings and Musketeer Miniatures included.

Cheers for now


Ian said...

Seems we all are prepping away, though I am also painting up some odds and ends.

I just restocked on primers and varnish so no down time threatening to slow me down


roma912 said...

Hi Ian,

I am in the process of looking for a few new brushes online as well as filing down flash lines on figures. Then I have the shields to sort out for the Mycenaeans too. Easy to prep, but a lot of work in painting them!

Cheers, Ross


Prep, prep, prep.... Soon be time time to wield a brush in anger, enjoy it

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

It looks like your going to be busy! Good luck!


roma912 said...

Hopefully, I will be able to manage the 7 or 8 figures a week, but time will tell!

Cheers, Ross

roma912 said...

Looking forward to this years painting challenge!

Cheers. Ross