Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Fury of the North 9

As work continues on the last two stands of Vikings for the basic Impetus army here are some pictures of the other stands as they have now been based.

The first stand is that of the Odalsbondi with general attached. The figures here are Gripping Beast and one from Foundry - the giant resting on his axe front right as viewed. The banners are from Little Big Men as are some of the shield transfers. They really do make a difference to the overall appearance of the stand.

Pictured above with another stand at the rear for added depth and to see what the large units of the full Impetus army would look like.

The remaining pictures show the other Odalsbondi stand and bondi stands with figures again from Gripping Beast and Foundry

Throughout the basing of this army, a sense of movement has being trying to be achieved and hopefully the pictures show this.

The two at the back of the unit below are from Foundry are smaller than the Gripping Beast figures at the front. Not too worry as they fit in well and look the part in the stand.

Thats all for now but hopefully there will be more work in progress of the other two stands very soon.

Cheers for now


Caliban said...

Lovely work - you've been busy!

Chris Stoesen said...

Very nice work.