Saturday, 18 May 2013

Back to the Brushes 56

Time this week just seems to be running away with itself and as a result time for hobbies is reduced, however, the Mycenaean chariot is now complete, just the figures to glue in place and base so all good there.  Some slow progress has also been made on the basing of the Vikings for Impetus. Sadly no pictures of either but this will change over the next few days too.

In addition to this, the first few figures for Project S have been cleaned up and undercoated. They are looking, well black at present but the figures by Gripping Beast are worthy of note. The plan here is to keep the project under wraps until there is something of note to show, at least a few stands anyway.

Due to increased bombardment by spam, word identification has now been added to any comments for this blog. Sorry, but it was just getting to be a complete pain in the...

Lastly, check out Wargaming Girl's blog for her next give away. The girl has style and knows how to work the blogosphere!

Cheers for now.


TamsinP said...

Thanks for pimping my prize draw! :)

roma912 said...

No worries, its all in a good cause.