Saturday, 27 April 2013

Imperium Sine Fine 12

At last they are complete! The first stand of Equites Primo Sagittarii are finished, based and ready for tomorrow's Impetus Competition at Falkirk Wargames Club in Grangemouth. So, here are the finished pictures.

Free hand circles are clearly not a strong point!
There will be more of this figure in future stands

Now that these are finally finished all that remains to do for the Late Romans is somewhere in the region of 8 stands of cavalry and not far off double that for infantry. Some armies are just never completed.

Next up will be some pictures from tomorrows competition and then back to the Mycenaeans and Vikings; both of which will need dusted before being painted again.

Cheers for now


DeanM said...

Very nice unit. Have yet to try Impetus - enjoy! Best, Dean

slowpainter said...

Another excellent stand

Jonathan said...

That is a great looking unit. Good luck at the games and may this unit fight well for you!

roma912 said...

Thanks gents, your comments are appreciated.