Monday, 11 March 2013

Back to the Brushes 49

A few pictures of some progress on a variety of different items that are currently being worked on at present. Firstly the mercenary peltasts from Foundry that are so nearly there, one more highlight on the red then its straps and helmets. An easy run into the finish here.

Below are 4 Stug from Battlefront and these are just starting out. In this scale the assault guns are relatively easy to paint and paint up quickly. Hopefully there will be completed pictures of these very soon.

The Vikings below are a that stage when the bulk of the figure is painted, its the remainder however, that takes the time. As with all the bases for the Impetus Vikings that have already been painted there will not be a uniformed approach as it looks wrong for these figures. So there is a still a fair bit of work to go on with these guys.

As always there is always one figure that draws more attention than the rest and as shown below, this one is nearer completion than his fellows.

Lastly, is yet another casualty marker, this time from Perry Miniatures. This is believed to be the last Dark Ages casualty marker, but that has been said before.

Thats all for just now and hopefully there will be more shortly.

Cheers for now

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