Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Back to the Brushes 47

A variety of pictures of different items at different stages in painting. Firstly, there are some Gripping Beast Ulfhednar that will be gracing a table very soon as Berserkers in SAGA. Being a bit shy they won't show their faces and more just yet. Below them is the beginning of another stand of Hirdmen for Impetus.

The next picture is a "Little Viking" okay, he's a Northern Dwarf from Citadel with the heart of a Viking. To his right there is an out of focus PAK 38 and crew men that was completed last night and waits basing along with the Ulfhednar.

Changing periods now to WW2 with more 20mm SS artillery crewmen for a PAK 40 and PAK 43 from Skytrex.

Lastly,  the peltasts that were started right at the beginning of the Analogue Hobbies painting competition. These will be getting painted over the next few days along with most of the above including the fallen Mycenaean hero in a Dendra panpoly to their right.

Lastly, a warm welcome to both:

  • Russ Gibb
  • John
Hope that you both find something of use in these ramblings.

Cheers for now.


yorkie said...

Nice figures, lots to be getting on with!


tradgardmastare said...

Ulfhednar look great.I'm painting some up in 40mm but your 28mm figs look nicer figures.

DeanM said...

Nice WIP on some great figs - shyness notwithstanding ;) Best, Dean

Monty said...

Nice! You have a very diverse variety of figs going all at once.

I recognize the GB Ulfhednar because I've got the same ones out. Really nice figures!


roma912 said...

Cheers everyone for the comments.

@ Dean M - your Ulfhednar were the inspiration for those seen here so thanks again.


Phil said...

Diverse and very nice!