Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Back to the Brushes 46

There are a variety of projects on the go at present, but one has come out the wood work and is moving fairly well; that is 15mm WW2 German vehicles for, well, for anything really. A session yesterday morning saw the following being undercoated as below:

As can be seen there is a mix of armour and soft tops here and first up will be the Jagdpanzer IV and their big brother the Jagdpanther, then the Opel Blitz and Stugs. The Jagdpanther will be a motivation to complete its big brother in 20mm which has been on the painting table for some months now.

All of the 15mm kit will be entered into the Analogue Painting Competition when completed. On that subject work progresses well with 2 points worth of Vikings for SAGA and a small group of 20mm SHQ WW2 German artillery crew, but more of that later.

Cheers for now

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