Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Dance of Bronze 3

The second and final stand of Skiritai for the Impetus Spartans lies below. The figures are Gorgon Studios Spartan Ekdromoi and fit in excellently with the Foundry World of Greeks Spartans. Well they should really as they are from the same sculptor - Steve Saleh.

These figures along with a few others are a part of the first entry from Brushes and Bases to Analogue Hobbies painting competition.

As the figures are being used as Skiritai a hoplon has been added to one figure to show the difference on the table; this is because Impetus depicts the Skiritai as skirmishers. Both stands when joined together can also be used as a mercenary peltast stand.

More pictures of recently completed figures to follow shortly along with more work in progress shots.

Cheers for now


BigRedBat said...

Very nice! I've always fancied painting some ekdromoi, to chase off pesky peltasts. One day!

Ray Rousell said...

Nice work! I like the long bases!!

les figurines de SPOCK said...

beautiful painting, and the figures are very dynamic

roma912 said...

Cheers and thanks for the comments.