Monday, 5 November 2012

Back to the Brushes 37

After not painting for almost the last 6 weeks, something chunky and fast to paint was needed and what better than a Jagdpanther from Britannia Miniatures. This model has been gathering some dust on the underside of the painting desk for too many months now and a few games of Disposable Heroes made its selection prefect for starting back at the painting table.

The model was spray undercoated in Dark Yellow from the Flames of War paints range and then heavily ink washed with a black and brown mix. At this stage it has only been dry brushed with Mid-stone from Vallejo before the decision is made as to whether or not it should have a camo pattern washed on. Any thoughts?

The tracks will be a combination of flat brown and gun metal as per previously painted German armour. This style of painting is rewarding on such a detailed model as this and the Britannia range still remains a firm favourite here.

Painting this tank hunter has kicked started the painting again and there will soon be some Mycenaean Swordsmen gracing these pages as well as more from WWII. The inspiration for the Mycenaeans comes from the image below:

Some work in progress pictures to follow shortly. That is all for now so enjoy the fireworks if you are in the UK.

Cheers for now.

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Ian said...

Looks a good model, and looking forward to more done on it.

I have been playing live VASL ASL games over this weekend and with all the fireworks the mood has been right