Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Imperium Sine Fine 10

At last found a few minutes to complete the basing of the current stand of Foderatii for the Late Romans. These have been on the go for sometime and have been entertaining to paint. The figures are from Gripping Beast and the standard and shield transfers from Little Big Men. Hope you enjoy the final pictures.

More to follow soon with work in progress pictures of Mycenaean swordsmen and mercenary peltasts from Redoubt and Foundry respectively.

Lastly a warm welcome to:
  • anton.parker
  • dramatic katastases
Hopefully you will find something of interest and use in these pages.

Cheers for now


BigRedBat said...

Very nice, I do love the older GB mis, and the painting is great. Simon

Ian said...

Really Nice looking unit, looking forward to the next guys under the brush


Caliban said...

Looking great - a real variety of figures there. Works beautifully as a group.

Dalauppror said...

Lovely unit !!!

Best regards Michael

Nate said...

Great Unit! You've based them well, they look superb.

Legion Games said...

Thanks gents,

Your comments are appreciated. Finding painting these types that little bit slower as I'm essentially working on 9 individuals rather than 9 of the same uniform. Limited pallets do have their uses.


Anonymous said...

Very good. Looking forward to next update.

Monty said...

Beautiful work. I love what you've done with the freedom that Impetus basing gives you! Love the banner as well!