Monday, 28 May 2012

Back to the Brushes 24

Due to some excellent weather there hasn't been much hobby time over the last week. Still daunted by the prospect of finishing the basing on the 15mm Napoleonics shown below:

The figures have all been based for Age of Eagles, but will also be used for Shako 2 depending on what is being played. At least in this stage they will see the table.

Each stand will have a wash in Devlan Mud or whatever it is now called before being having sand and flock glued to the base. In real terms this will be an ongoing project completed on a regiment by regiment basis, as to tackle this all in one sitting would be soul destroying to say the least.

Hopefully, there will be some more productive painting coming up soon and before the close a warm welcome to:

  • Rosbif

Hopefully, you'll find somethings of interest here and keep coming back. On that matter, thanks to all for the support in helping this blog pass it's twenty-five thousand hits. Its much appreciated here.

Cheers for now.

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