Sunday, 26 February 2012

Back to the Brushes 13

A new start has been made this evening with the first figure of a Viking Hirdmen unit for SAGA being nearly completed.

Some more progress has been made on the Mycenaean Heavy Foot and archers that have been on the painting table for some time; which have been inspired by watching Troy yet again. For a film that isn't rated that highly, its viewing figures here are high; not nearly as good as the classic Helen of Troy which to be honest along with the 300 Spartans and Burton's Alexander the Great have a lot to answer for.

Here are a few pictures of the 20mm trenches that were completed early this week:

These resin castings are available from Iron Clad Miniatures and come highly recommended.

Rather looking forward to using these to stop the Commie Hordes advancing into the Fatherland in the future so even though they scored no points in the Analogue painting Competition there is no regret in spending the time on them.

Thats all for now


Ray Rousell said...

The trenches look excellent!!!!

Phil said...

Very nice trenches!

kingsleypark said...

Those trenches do look excellent. I'm not familiar with Iron Clad Miniatures. I will now need to go and have a look.