Saturday, 24 December 2011

Analogue Hobbies Comp Update 2

Just a few pictures to show what little progress has been made on the Mycenaeans for the above painting competition. The first picture shows a group of spearmen before the flesh is repainted black to take them back to a base undercoat. The second is during the re-undercoating of the flesh. This will have to be checked with Curt to see if its acceptable before real time is spent painting these figures.

The second picture also shows at what stage Hector's Chariot is at even though this will not be a part of the competition.

The following pictures show some work in progress on a couple of old Citadel Dwarves for Songs of Blades and Heroes. These 2 figures will also enable a few cheeky points to be added to the score board whilst working on the main units.

More to follow just as soon as they are ready.

Cheers for now


Nate said...

Good stuff. I'm a fan of the old Dwarf range too, always nice to see them getting used.

Guidowg said...

Fantastic blog.............Have a very Merry Christmas and a great new year.

Legion Games said...

Thanks gents. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!