Saturday, 27 November 2010

Starting from scratch

Well, where to begin. Still no further progress on the Spartans although the figures have been dusted this afternoon, which gives you an idea  of little work has been going on. The desk in general is a tip and after a short tidying session is now a reasonable working environment - this always helps to motivate.

Avoiding the Spartans, some work has been done on the 15mm ECW figures, so there are now nearly two bases of 15mm Royalists completed for Basic Impetus Baroque. Given the amount of time spent on washing and highlighting figures from another collection they look good on the base. The massed 15mm figures really do give a good visual effect on a 60 x 120mm base, giving a good sense of the formation of the period. Looking forward to trying this period out in the future.

Looking at the Spartans, there is little or no chance of completing this army this year, although another base should be possible.

Time now to brave the elements and walk the dog in the snow and frost.

Cheers for now

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