Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Summertime and Work in Process

Well the sun is shining here and I should be working outside getting the windows painted but its too hot for that. So, I have added a few more pics to my flicker showing some work in progress at the moment. I am sort of fluttering from one period to another just now with the following on the painting table:

Foundry Spartans

Front rank of the third phalanx is well under way now. I have been having a bit of a problem with the faces on these figures, not sure if it is the beards or just me. We'll see on the next five although I recon it's me.

The last pic is from a previous batch where the flesh was painted using the following combination of Foundry Paints; Spearshaft Brown B, Flesh C, Flesh B. This gives a good result in my opinion, but I am always looking for better flesh colours.

The 2 pics from the WIP have been painted using the Foundry triad for Mediterranean Flesh. I initially thought this was going to be a bit too orange in colour but once all 3 layers are down, I am actually very pleased with the result.

Gripping Beast Vikings

I have been painting this base on and off since January. The figures are all Gripping Beast apart from the  Hirdman leaning on the axe to the left of the Harald Hardradda figure which is a Foundry Hirdman I picked up a Claymore about 3 years ago for 50p.

Gripping Beast Crusaders

This figure has been on the painting table for too long now, so its time to finish him off. I am basing a Impetus army from EI2 on the Knights of St John circa 1260 using the Later Crusades list. In order to do this I will field the Knights as Military Order and the Sergeants as Crusaders Knights. This will allow me to paint the Knights in red tabbards and the sergeants in black which will hopefully reduce the time required to paint as well as individual heraldic devices. As this is a command figure I have opted to split the colours on the barding of the horse to reflect the two elements of the order.

Perry Casualty Markers

After mixing dice from casualty markers with dice in play in my earlier games of Basic Impetus I picked up some casualty figures from Perry Miniatures. Whilst from their early Crusades range the figures will mix in well with most Dark Age to Early Medieval periods. Not so sure they'll look the part next to the Spartans though :)

Thats all for now

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